Best Wigs For Face Framing

“I need a face framing wig” a term often used when we have Tgirls come in for a fitting. But what exactly does that mean? Here’s our top picks for face framing wigs!

The Katherine:

KATHERINE CRAMSONKatherine pralinekatherne monrpekatherine OC

Chances are, if you’ve visited us for a fitting I have made you try this on! (And you’ve probably left with one!) I absolutely love this wig on Tgirls, it falls on the face beautifully & requires no styling at all. You simply brush & go! Our Katherine comes in various colours (More coming soon! Yay!) so we’ll be able to find one to suit you. It also is very face framing, as you can see from the pictures the hair comes in around the face & neck area. This is great for feminising the face.

The Tess:

brazillian blonde Miami blonde WHB Tess

Same thing again, the Tess comes in around the face perfectly & is really feminising. It also has a very very light crimped texture meaning it feels quite thick & full without it being difficult to style. The Tess is another ‘put on and go wig’ – No fuss, just how we like it!

The Rachel:

IMG_8303__68781.1405421531.1280.1280 r hayworth rach rach hayworth

Another great wig for face framing & feminising. The Rachel is a lace front wig, meaning it has a small panel of lacey ‘mesh’ material at the front. (Where your forehead is) the benefit of this is that you can have the hair off of your face without it looking (for lack of a better word) wiggy. The Rachel is also really easy to style & look after, it will sit just above the shoulders so you’ll avoid any hair in necklace tangling! Ughh.

The Alix:

alix  cramson  alix PAGE 2ALIX ginger

We love our Alix! Its one of our best sellers. Again, it comes in around the face beautifully & feminises. Its also a really great length for those of you concerened about tangling. Its slighly longer at the front so you still have some Tresses to play around with, but its also very practical (and did we mention, chic?)

Well, theres a rough guide to choosing the perfect face framing wig!

Hope that helps!



Choosing Your First Wig

Ok, you’ve decided to buy you first wig! Great, but where do you start? Theres so many styles, colours & prices. But which one should you pick? They don’t teach you this in school. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about our wigs:

Synthetic – Synthetic wigs are a great starting point, generally they are quite inexpensive (well, ours are!) but if you look in the right places (with us..ahem) you’ll find some amazing quality styles.

For example, all of our synthetic ranges are 100% heat stylable. Meaning if you wish to give heat styling a go you can! They will happily take to straighteners & curlers & you’ll get some wonderful results.


Human Hair Blend – Ahhh, the best of both worlds! Our human hair blend wigs range from £50 up to £145 & are amazing quality. They are super natural & feel just like real hair. They are perfect for girls who have concerns about their wig looking like a wig! The majority of them have what we call ‘Skin Crown Parts’ – meaning there is a panel on the crown of the wig that essentially looks like skin. So, it looks like the hair is growing out of your head. Pretty cool eh?

Jen Tri Tone (5)Silky_Straight_Lace_Front_Wig_Yasmin001__90031.1405423236.1280.1280

Lace Front Wigs“What the heck is this mesh at the front of my wig?” We often get asked this, no its not a manufacturing fault! That “mesh” is your new best friend. You know how you’ve always been told to wear a wig with a fringe? Well, think again. A lace front wig will provide you with an incredibly natural hairline, the lace will disapear on your forehead & leave you looking amazing & feeling confident. All you need to do is trim about 1/2 an inch off of the lace & your good to go. TOP TIP: Apply your foundation over the lace for a super natural finnish! A makeup wipe will easily remove the makeup from the lace after wearing. Your friends will be begging for your hairdressers number! (You’re secret safe with us!)

lace coco olivolivia coco

Hope that helps!


MissTresses xx

Tempest Wig: Sultry Long and Sexy Hair

My first MissT recommendation for October is the newly released Tempest wig by Hair By MissTresses.

Long, soft bangs layered to flatter fuller and rectangular shaped faces coupled with a fringe that is just long enough to be versatile enough to be worn either as a straight fringe or side swept.  Top faux skin parting and adjustable wefted cap.

MissT Stylist Tip:

‘I find that many trans girls who pop in for fittings just need a little advice on styling and my top tip for Tempest is to wear the hair forward in front of the shoulders and flick the fringe to one side. This way the hairstyle is shown off to it’s potential and the wig can be easily brushed with out snagging on necklaces or collars.’

Tempest Wig

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tempest is available in 4 shades and made from soft hair-like heat resistant fibre. If you want a longer length hairstyle the Tempest is my choice for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas party season. The Ash blonde is great for day time and what better look than a full bleach blonde hairstyle to go with that little black dress and high heels for the Xmas party, or any other party for that matter!

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MissT x

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Hair By MissTresses PR Girl

Hair By MissTresses PR Girl

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